Why You Should Setup An Intranet

  • Megan Dixon


The business world has changed dramatically over the past few decades.

One of these changes that has revolutionized the way we work is the emergence of the intranet.

Think of the intranet as a digital workspace. It’s a place where your team can communicate, share ideas, and collaborate on work projects. With collaboration comes a lot of document sharing. Now, before the intranet came about, companies shared information using cloud-based documents. While this has its advantages, the intranet came and knocked it out of the park.

In this blog post, I’m going to show you how the intranet is superior to cloud-based documents, and why you should start using it today.

1. Increased productivity

From my experience, having an intranet will improve the overage that’s currently happening.

Finding scripts via control F (for a search) on a document isn’t always efficient. If the document is large, searching the document using this shortcut can take a while. The delay is strictly due to the search capacity within Word or Dropbox. When a document is that long it tends to take longer to have the “brain” of Word scan the document for the inquired search.

This is not the case with an intranet. An intranet is built to handle a large database of information, including several types of media. If you need to find something, all you need to do is click the search icon and type in your query. Results for what you’re looking for will show up in seconds. This ends up saving a lot of time for your team.

2. Better organization

An intranet is structured in such a way that the information can be broken apart in a more organized way. This makes it easier to search. That’s because an intranet is structured and operates like a website.

Just like you would on a website, you can arrange elements in a hierarchical structure using groups and folders to create a menu. This menu can be categorized further by “task type” and then within those areas of the site, have it broken down even more.

When information is organized like this, it makes it easier to navigate. A cloud-based document does not have the capability to do this.

Additionally, an intranet provides you with the option to include real-time integrations with apps that you and your team use. One great example is the calendar. You can integrate the intranet with the team calendar to allow for visibility for everyone on your team. This simplifies tracking team schedules and setting up meetings.

A cloud-based word document doesn’t have any integrations in place. This means having to toggle between different platforms when trying to schedule a meeting with your team, which is time-consuming.

So an intranet has multiple purposes that can improve the overall efficiency of work.

3. Instruction improvement

I’m sure you’ve noticed this before. A document with multiple images in it takes much longer to open. That’s because many hard-copy documents (such as a Word doc) weren’t originally intended to include images, videos, and links. If you tried clicking on a link on this document, there’d be a delay in redirecting to open up in your browser. These delays are frustrating, especially if you need to access something fast.

But that isn't the case with an intranet. An intranet can handle a wide variety of media flawlessly. This is something I’ve found incredibly valuable for my team. I regularly create video instructions with written instructions for my team and upload them to the intranet. This wouldn’t be possible on a cloud-based Word document.

Also, the links in an intranet redirect immediately when clicked upon. This comes in handy when creating instructions for your team. Each instruction will have its own unique link. So, if you need to reference a specific instruction/script, all you need to do is share that link specifically with your team and they can access it easily. This improves communication and productivity within the team.

4. Improved document control

When making updates to an intranet, the changes happen immediately. This is in contrast to a cloud-based document.

Let’s say you have a Word document that you’ve stored in Dropbox so everyone on the team can access it. If you made any updates to it, there would be a cloud delay. This means that not everyone on your team will have the updated document immediately. They’d have to wait for any changes to sync in Dropbox. It doesn’t matter how small the change is, Dropbox would still have to essentially upload a new version of the entire document to the cloud. So if the document is long, say 50-pages, the delay would take even longer than normal.

Some time back, I had a problem with Dropbox. My team member and I realized that Dropbox wasn’t updating our new version of the Operations Manual. Despite troubleshooting on her end and talking through it, we had to remove Dropbox and reinstall/format it for it to begin to sync again. This is a problem that would never occur with an intranet.

5. Improved communication

The intranet can act as a one-stop-shop for daily operational information. Your team can have open discussions, share knowledge, provide updates and collaborate on several projects. You can also include clear cut guidelines and expectations for your team so that what is expected of everyone is clear. This structured space of an intranet allows for a seamless collaboration and team effort.

This option is not available on a cloud-based document. Your team would have to switch back and forth between the document and another communication platform. This leads to a lot of wasted time and a dip in productivity.

6. Scalability

As your business grows, so will your systems. In the long run, a document won’t be well-suited to handle the bulk of your growing business.

So, it’s better to adopt a more scalable option now before things grow to such a degree that an upgrade would cost much more. You’d rather do it now when it’s more feasible and manageable to do so.

In Conclusion

As you can see, an intranet is a powerful tool. Use the above intranet benefits to your advantage. Don't lose another day to a lack of employee engagement, endless email threads, and stalled projects. Revolutionize your business with an intranet software and you'll be amazed at the results! For help on creating your very own customized intranet, contact Megan here.

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