What Our Clients Have To Say...

Megan has become an integral part of my business, and I can’t imagine being without her. She hasn’t only demonstrated that she’s highly capable in multiple different tasks, projects and assignments, but she has a wonderful manner with my clients, is a joy to work with and has proven her value to my business time and time again.

Her attention to detail is amazing; she will always ask intuitive questions to ensure that she gets the task done right first time, which is priceless to me when I’m in a hurry and my instructions aren’t always that clear! She’s always willing to learn more, and will rise to any challenge.

Megan is also fantastic working as part of the team; she shows courtesy, she's thoughtful and friendly and when simply left alone she’s able to superbly handle her workload, never misses a deadline, and never lets me down.

Once you start working with Megan you’ll quickly realize that you’ve discovered an absolute gem - truly a rare find!
Michelle Dale
Being a workaholic freelancer for several years, I have become accustomed to doing everything myself and getting burned out quickly. At the frequent insistence of my friends and colleagues, I finally decided to hire a VA. Adding Megan to my workflow was the best thing I could have done. I am still in the process of "letting go" and it is definitely a process, but I learned very quickly that having Megan by my virtual side is a huge relief. The burden that has been lifted is indescribable. Not only does she do a good job, she works quickly, communicates well and is very easy to get along with. Having Megan as my VA has made my life much easier in such a short amount of time and the only regret I have is that I didn't do this sooner. Yes, I would recommend Megan to anyone who wonders if it is a good decision. Hands down, it is a great decision!
Jessica Rosengard
If you are looking for a Superstar VA look no further than Megan Dixon. She is an absolute gem, she can handle a multitude of tasks, is extremely detailed oriented, is patient and is always on top of her clients needs. She is an excellent teacher/trainer too. You can't go wrong, you will only increase your business if you bring her on board.

I've worked with Megan for the last few years. She is amazing to work with. There is no question of her loyalty or dedication, whether it's a project she is handling or for one of her clients. If you need a helping hand, she is the first in line to help. She's willing to take the time needed to cover an area you aren't familiar with and does it all in such a simple manner, you can pick it up the first time. I've worked with a multitude of people over the years, who had strong qualities but Megan is in a league of her own. She is amazing, knowledgeable, has a strong business sense, great ethics and gets the job done in an excellent manner.

Linda Clay
I have just returned from working with my friend and client in Chicago. The best gift I gave her this visit was utilizing the tools in your Email Rockstar course to clear up her inbox! She was amazed that I took her mailbox down from 500+ unread emails to 3 in less than 30 minutes. It was great, and I am so appreciative of the tools you provided to help me do that for her. It is an issue that has been bothering her for some time, but we haven’t had the time to devote to it, and with your advice and information, I was able to get that done in a short amount of time. I just want you to know how helpful this has been to me and also to her. Thanks so much!
Susan McQueen-Ray
Megan has proven to be an industry expert in coordination and management of online business services. While Megan has displayed excellence in business planning and consultation; the strongest work quality she provides is determination and attention to detail while maintaining a warm, personable demeanor. Megan has the unique ability to facilitate business professionally while providing an engaging work relationship making her an asset to the online business community.
Andrea Peaslee
Megan created a website for me, and I was very happy with both the end result and the process along the way. She was a pleasure to interact with from the very first meeting - very personable and a good listener. And she executed every change I initiated along with way with warmth and professionalism. I recommend her highly.
Dr. Jennifer Leigh
Megan is a fabulous VA, and a great asset to any team! Attentive, thorough and a pleasure to work with.
Stephanie Middleton-Foster
As I travel globally to clients, I need a competent, reliable and proactive VA. This is Megan - she's great!
Deasún Ó Conchúir
Megan does a great job handling my requests and project needs. She is quick to identify how she can be of assistance and to implement a strategy to help in freeing up more of my time.
Kenneth Wolfe
Megan is a highly motivated Business Owner who will stop at nothing to provide solutions for her clients. My company hired Megan last year to help launch a new Product Line and was very impressed. Her skills are "virtually" limitless and her drive is unparalleled. I would give Megan a strong recommendation for any of the services offered.
Adam Dixon
Megan is a very detailed and hard working at any task she does. She is a real asset to her clients and their business. She has a wide range of skills to be the office assistant you need and so much more. I enjoy working with her.
Jenny Fritz